POLaRT DESIGNS began life recently in 2011 with a relentless wish to present Victorian style furniture in a manner that was relevant and alive to the WORLD. As a subsidiary of parent company AyC Internacional, the young brand had access to over 3 decades legacy of old school furniture construction techniques, and 120 artisans with a combined 300 years of experience. 

POLaRT´s every day objective is to combine this skillful team with a young design and sales office. We combine 100-year-old carpentry techniques, Polyurethane injection in German machines, Engineering, Steel welding, and a bit of rock and roll. The end result has been described as: fantastic, odd, daring, classic, beautiful, but certainly never dull. As bold and brave as the colorful furniture it specializes in, the company jumped headfirst into the hospitality and design industry.




From producing stately armchairs fit for monarchs for outdoor use, to hand carved and polished inside out bookcases, the range of customization POLaRT offers it´s clients is purposely versatile. Each product is produced in enormous molds and each item has an internal steel frame. Furniture is then hand sanded, hand painted, and hand upholstered. Though the brand´s intent is to continuously innovate, we do so without losing our reverence for the past.

POLaRT offers 3 different versions in its collection: Indoors, Outdoors & Plastic. Make sure to learn what differentiates them or ask your sales specialist if you have any doubt! Below are the main features that can turn your POLaRT item into an all-year round weather-proof fantastic piece of furniture =) !