The value of authenticity. Since 1972.

 Far from fads, from its inception Moradillo has forged a success story based on four essential principles: Superb quality, customization, refined style and the pursuit of customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal.

Today, after more than 40 years of experience, Mora Dillo has managed to shape the desires of their customers by combining the latest technology with the exquisite finishes that only the wise hands of their craftsmen can provide, resulting in a mythical product of unique quality and extraordinary in every finish and detail.



The MoraDillo collection offers an wide range of interior pieces from modular and regular sofa’s to armchairs,cushions and even bedding. With the possibility of choosing from their collection of European high quality fabrics for the upholstery of your chosen Moradillo model.

For your contract projects we can provide you with “contract series” that provides you an selection of chairs,barstools,sofas,armchair and an various collection of benches. Please contact us for more information concerning the “contract series’.

This is a whole philosophy and these are the values within the DNA of each piece that MoraDillo produces, and only the authenticity label of Moradillo and all what it represents can guarantee that you will enjoy it all.

At G.E.K. we can be of assistance for information and pricing concerning the Moradillo collection.

For more information please contact us.